Clients in the automotive industry choose SPOT because it supports process automation with system-driven workflows and provides transparency along the supply chain.
Challenges & Solutions

Just-in-Time (JIT) and Just-in-Sequence (JIS) processes play an important role in the automotive industry as components are costly and cannot be stocked in large quantities. SPOT provides automated workflows to ensure that your delivery schedules, deadlines and required quantities are met. Customizable, system-driven reminders and alerts inform you when complications arise or deadlines for milestones are missed.

Since many suppliers and forwarders are involved in the procurement process, it is often difficult to get the right information to the right parties at the right time. The SPOT Messenger centralizes communication to keep all parties up to date regardless of time zones.

Components tend to be bulky, which poses a challenge for forwarders. SPOT Instructions simplifies coordination and communication by pointing out transport requirements when the transport order is submitted.