SPOT News 03/19

Artificial Intelligence meets Container Tracking

Our customer sources wood from certified locations all over the world to supply the Asian timber industry with a full range of temperate hardwood and softwood products. The company had a team responsible for keeping track of their shipments via telephone. The tracking information had to be updated manually in order for it to be visible to their customers. This approach was cost-intensive and time-consuming, and therefore linked to tremendous efforts for our customer.

SPOTworx streamlined this process by introducing a newly developed tracking feature, based on status information sent by vessel operators via EDI (electronic data interchange) to SPOT. In case there is no information from carriers available, status information is calculated based on vessel GPS data via an Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm. SPOT then automatically forwards the requested status information to our customer.

With 8,000 to 10,000 container shipments per year, the new SPOTworx service helps our customer to not only save time and costs, but also provide status information which was not available (or not available in time) in the past.

We are glad to report that this pilot project was a full success and we look forward to providing this service to more customers!