SPOT News 06/22

New SPOT module – Quote Request

SPOT Receives “Quote Request” Module

The Visibility & Collaboration Platform SPOT has been equipped with an additional module that enables rate comparisons before transport bookings. 

The cloud-based supply chain management platform SPOT was developed in 2000 and has since received numerous enhancements and innovations. The application began as a simple tracking tool and over the years has evolved into a comprehensive transport management system with various modules ranging from “Purchase Order Management” and “Transport Management” to “Time Slot Management” and “Warehousing”, “Parcel” and “Reporting”. The latest addition is the “Quote Request” module, which gives users the possibility to compare rates before their transport booking.

Quote Request

Prior to placing a Transport Order with a freight forwarder, SPOT now offers a digitized and centralized way for handling quote requests.

Users will simply have to enter their transport data and submit the quote request to chosen freight forwarders.

Freight forwarders will then get notified about the new request and can immediately provide a rate for this shipment, either by keying in data manually or by connecting their rate management system to our standard application programming interface (API).

Having a comparison of all participants, users can then directly place a Transport Order with their preferred freight forwarder.