SPOT News 08/20

Rosenbauer on implementing the Time Slot Management module

Rosenbauer is an Austrian supplier of systems for firefighting headquartered in Leonding, Upper Austria. The company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of firefighting vehicles and special firefighting equipment. As an outfitter of airport fire departments in just over 100 countries, Rosenbauer is known for the futuristic design of its special vehicles. Alongside the processing of certain hazardous goods transports by air freight, Rosenbauer most recently worked togeteher with SPOTworx on a tool for optimizing the time slot management at its warehouses and loading ramps. We made use of this opportunity to ask Julia Eibensteiner, Head of Logistics at Rosenbauer, about the project phase and the newly implemented software.

At its numerous production sites, Rosenbauer employed over 3,800 staff in 2019 and generated revenues of around 980 million euros, making it the largest supplier of firefighting equipment in the world. With a sales and service network in over 100 countries and a global customer base, Rosenbauer is heavily dependent on reliable transport logistics.
Rosenbauer most recently worked together with SPOTworx on an exciting software project. The cloud-based Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration Platform SPOT simplifies the digitalization and automation of logistics business processes. Rosenbauer had particular need for the Time Slot Management module in order to reduce waiting times in the warehouse and smooth out the use of ramp capacities. We asked Julia Eibensteiner, Head of Logistics at Rosenbauer, to give us a little insight into this new project.

Julia Eibensteiner: “We held the kick-off workshop for the project “Time Slot Management at Rosenbauer” in January 2019. Creation of the requirements specification was followed by the programming phase with step-by-step coordination between Rosenbauer and SPOTworx. After a number of constructive workshops, we had the first chance to try out the application, which was then gradually refined and finalized. During this time, a detailed survey of the incoming goods processes was initiated. Key data for customizing the tool as precisely as possible was also obtained in a time class analysis and a material flow analysis. In September 2019, an external carrier was selected as a pilot for carrying out daily deliveries at the same time every day. This made it possible to determine the actual time that corresponded to the time entered in the time slot management tool.

The tool is very easy to use and has been effectively customized to Rosenbauer’s needs. Another advantage is that we are able to fully integrate additional locations and external warehouses with minimal effort. Reports detailing key figures, an address book and the tracking function are just a few of the other useful features offered by the tool.

Our experiences in the pilot phase have shown that the time is entered correctly by the dispatchers of the partner carrier without deviating by more than about 10 minutes. The correct information on the packages (number of items, type of shipment, such as XL pallets, EUR pallets, etc.) is also checked by RBI logistics, and the deviations are discussed and coordinated with the carrier at regular intervals.

In the next step, we are now working on rolling out the solution for other carriers, which will be successively integrated into the system. A manual and a concise user guide have already been created to assist the external partners.”


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