SPOT News 04/19

Partnership with A-Commerce & Multi-carrier booking for E-commerce

SPOTworx signed Partnership with A-Commerce

In April 2019, SPOTworx entered into a partnership with A-Commerce, the largest Austrian e-commerce network. The members of this network include various retailers, manufacturers, agencies and service providers.

On the one hand, A-Commerce enables the simple and direct exchange with partners through their comprehensive network and numerous events, with the intention of keeping the know-how in the digital sector up to date. On the other hand, consulting services and online shop analyses as well as various coaching sessions are offered.

SPOTworx is looking forward to the cooperation and is convinced that the partnership with A-Commerce will be mutually beneficial. Particularly SPOT Parcel denotes itself as a useful tool for numerous retailers or manufacturers within the e-commerce industry.

SPOT Parcel – Multi-carrier Booking for the E-commerce Industry

It is often the case that online merchants work together with a selected parcel service provider, since good shipping rates can be negotiated by assigning the entire shipping volume to one service provider.

The cooperation with a dedicated parcel service provider, however, entails disadvantages and risks – one is strongly dependent on the service level of the provider. In the high season of Christmas orders, for example, a small online shop operator with few shipments is usually given lower priority. The result is dissatisfied customers who receive their orders late.

According to A-Commerce experts, online shoppers are longing for the possibility to choose. Buyers, for example, now take various payment methods for granted and tend to cancel the purchase if the desired payment method isn’t available. As far as delivery is concerned, offering standard or express delivery is currently sufficient. Exactly at this point one can achieve an increase in value and generate a positive effect by offering services of different parcel service providers to the customer. Based on different criteria, like delivery service level or parcel shops in the immediate vicinity,customers want to decide for themselves from whom they receive their orders.

With SPOT Parcel, the latest module of the Visibility & Collaboration platform SPOT, online merchants can create this added value and offer their customers an even better shopping experience. A-Commerce confirms the potential of this possibility to choose and underlines the necessity of such a tool in the e-commerce industry.

SPOT Parcel is connected to all major parcel service providers. Via one single interface to SPOT, all CEP providers are integrated and the functions of the module can be used. SPOT Parcel, thereby, enables easy price comparison, label print and pickup scheduling across all providers. As soon as a label for a parcel has been created and scanned, all tracking events of the CEP service providers are gathered and shown by SPOT. All orders can be displayed and reported at anytime, so that all shipments are visible at a glance.