Automated Container Tracking

Using multiple data sources and latest technologies, we provide you a solution to identify status and position of your container at any time.
Reliable tracking information

We reduce your operational effort and technical complexity in regards of gathering container status information by consolidating multiple data streams across multiple technologies.

Reliable and well structured tracking data can be received via state-of-the-art APIs or our user-friendly cloud application.

Pro-active notifications

Receive information in due time in case of delays, e.g. „Change of ETA“, „Container Roll Over Warning“, ...

In addition, reports can be provided either on push or pull basis according your requirements.

Control your Demurrage and Detention Costs

Automatic recording of ship discharges and gate-outs at the port of destination enables proper calculation of Demurrage Times.

Pro-active warnings of containers that have not moved from the final port for a certain period of time.