Connect all your CEP providers on one platform to enable price comparison, label printing and tracking of shipments, whether manually via user interface or automatically from your warehouse or ERP system via our API.
Directly print your labels

SPOT Parcel lets you generate carrier-compliant labels so you no longer need to log into each separate provider’s system to print shipment and return labels.

Always know where your parcels are

With all transports on one platform, SPOT makes it easy to track your parcel shipments and see all important events at a glance.

Use your best rates

Simply enter origin, destination, weight and size of the parcels you want to ship and SPOT will show you all available parcel service providers along with their prices and lead times.

Choose from different payment options

Select a payment option (Shipper, 3rd Party or Receiver) for your shipment. The shipping costs as well as duties and taxes will automatically be invoiced to the respective account.

Receive notifications when discrepancies arise

SPOT Parcel proactively informs you about any delays and deviations concerning your parcel shipments. In addition, you can as well be notified about milestone-events.

Schedule your pickups

Select the date and time for your preferred pick-up. SPOT Parcel immediately confirms your pickup request by the respective provider.

Simplified integration to service providers

Integrate your web shop or warehouse management system with SPOT Parcel and benefit from existing connections to all major courier companies to check rates, print labels and track shipments in real time.

Get the KPIs that you need

Create a report of all shipments in a specified time period and compare shipment rates with invoices received from your courier provider for fast invoice checking and approval.

Customizable Dashboard

On your personalized SPOT Dashboard, you can easily manage your parcel shipments along with all other transport modes and carriers. The simple overview of all your Air, Sea, Road and Parcel shipments helps you save time and keep track of important milestones and changes.