Transport Management

Manage all transport modes, reduce costs and gain end-to-end visibility across all carriers with industry-leading shipping solutions.
Easy transport booking

Place bookings with the freight forwarder of your choice and get an overview of your shipments in all transport modes on one platform. SPOT remembers your shipping preferences so you will never need to re-enter the same information twice.

Know exactly where your goods are

Why send your staff and customers to the carriers for tracking updates when you can easily provide them access to all the information they need? With SPOT Tracking, users can view tracking info at any time or get notified in case of deviations or possible escalations.

Define shipping rules

Rest assured that your orders run smoothly according to your standard operating procedures. With SPOT Shipping Instructions, you can define general or carrier-specific instructions and make them available to all relevant personnel. Changes are highlighted for easy visibility.

Easy communication with all parties involved

Tired of messy inboxes and cluttered desks? With the SPOT Messenger, all communication is stored with the respective shipment and visible only to defined parties. This ensures a reliable and efficient exchange of information.

Have all your documents in one archive

Archiving and sharing important freight documentation can take a lot of time and effort. With SPOT Documents, all important documents are saved on shipment level for easy access by authorized parties with just one mouse-click.

Get the KPIs that you need

Monitor carrier performance and get shipment data on demand or at scheduled intervals according to your preferences. Log in at any time to access standard reports or have us create customized statistics fully tailored to your needs.

Automated Container Tracking

SPOT receives all relevant tracking information (departure, transshipment, arrival, unloading, etc.) of the loaded vessels via interface directly from vessel operators. If information from vessel operators is missing or delayed, the vessel’s position and thus the current position of the container is determined via GPS. An algorithm then calculates all planned data for the next events and updates potential deviations. SPOT, therefore, enables you to easily and accurately keep track of your sea freight shipments.

Automated Container Tracking

Customizable Dashboard

The User Dashboard shows you all important information at a glance and you can set it up to suit your preferences.