Case Study


Initial Situation & Challenges

Our client Pacific Market International (PMI), a global leader in designing, marketing and manufacturing food and beverage solutions for busy lifestyles, was looking for an intelligent supply chain management system to optimize its procurement. In the past, the company had placed purchase orders based only on the date when the total order volume had to be fulfilled, without any fixed booking and delivery plan. This created a communication gap between PMI and its suppliers, which resulted in planning uncertainty and low delivery reliability. Furthermore, it was impossible to set up buyer’s consolidations, which led to costly additional shipments.


By implementing the SPOT Purchase Order Module, we created visibility on item level, facilitated the tracking of pre-defined milestones and ensured that PMI would be proactively informed about any arising complications. This allowed for more certainty in planning and enabled the efficient and system-supported creation of buyer’s consolidations. In addition, we set up an EDI connection allowing for easy and secure data exchange between SPOT and PMI’s ERP system. All of this resulted in a significant reduction of administrative effort, increased transport utilization and enhanced delivery reliability.